The average American spends nearly 2
hours per day on their mobile devices.

What's Your Mobile Strategy?

75% of Americans bring their
phones into the bathroom.

1 in 4 online searches
are performed on a mobile device.

50% of smartphone users visit a business
within 1 day of an online search.

61% of mobile searches
result in a phone call.

Mobile is where it’s at.

(Literally… wherever that happens to be.)

Leverage Technology

Whether you’re thinking of apps, mobile websites, or text marketing, mobile marketing provides a unique opportunity for you to engage with your audience.

Measure Your Marketing

Mobile engagement allows you to track old customers in new ways. Attract new customers and stay in touch. Low cost means high ROI.

Build Relationships

Your customers are attached to their phones. Using mobile marketing techniques means by extension, they’re attached to you, too. (Who doesn’t want that?)

Mobile: The Star of the Show

Mobile marketing puts your message right into your customers’ hands. Because mobile devices are so versatile, you can leverage multiple technologies under the label of “mobile marketing.”

  • Text Marketing: Instantaneous communication with your customers. Use texts to send out quick messages, links to mobile websites, coupons, birthday wishes, and more! Set up automated messaging — set it and forget it! Generate top of mind awareness when you want it.
  • Mobile app: All of your marketing in once place! Social media feeds, hours, contact buttons, coupons, specials… you name it! You can use mobile apps to put all of your information right into the hands of your customers. It becomes a one-stop shop.
  • Geo-fencing: Wish you could remind your customers to stop in when they’re near? You can using geo-fencing. You can send automated messages and deals via your app to anyone who gets within a specific geographic area around your business. (Or around your competitors’ businesses.)
  • Mobile advertising: Americans spend hours every day using their mobile phones. Why not put your advertisements in front of them? Mobile advertising can be an inexpensive and effective way to get your message out.

What We Offer

  • Planning.
  • Development.
  • Execution.

We’ll help you understand your mobile options and develop a plan that makes sense for your business. As always, our focus is on your ROI.

Sometimes, success comes from

thinking inside the box.

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