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Digital marketing is targeted, trackable, & measurable.

But without analyzing the results… it’s really just guessing.



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Marketing is an investment.

Most organizations expect a return on the time and money they invest in advertising their products and services. (If you don’t, then we’d love to do your marketing!)ūüėā

Whether your investment is the time you spend promoting your business on social media or money you’re paying for advertising campaigns, you need to see the data!

It’s how you know:

  • What is working
  • Whether the time/money was justified
  • Where improvements can be made
  • What is not working
¬†Without this data, it’s really just guessing!

Everything. From everywhere. All at once.

Want to know how many people visited your website, saw your ad campaign, left you a review on Google, or watched your YouTube video? No problem. See all the relevant information from all of your data sources at once.

Our report also shows you comparison data over time (this month’s results vs. last month’s results) as well as breaking down your data per campaign/ad/page so that you can see exactly what is working and what is not.

See the data you need. All in one place.

What data can I monitor?

It's my data and I need it now!

Automated & On-Demand Reporting

Schedule reports to be delivered with the frequency you want. To whomever you want. But you don’t make all your marketing decisions on a regular schedule. Our¬†live dashboards¬†will show you important data¬†when¬†you need it, whenever that may be!¬†

Click the image to see a live (and quite simple) Google Analytics dashboard showing data for the past 30 days.

It only looks like magic!

What Can You Monitor?

Great question! You can monitor website traffic, social media, online ads, and a lot more! 

Take a look at the integrated platforms below. 

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Campaign Monitor




Facebook Ads


Google Ads

Google Analytics

Google Business Profile

Google Pagespeed Insights

Google Search Console

Google Sheets



Instagram Ads



LinkedIn Ads




Microsoft Ads





Pinterest Ads


SE Ranking





TikTok Ads






X (Twitter)

X (Twitter) Ads


Need to monitor custom data?

Monitor almost anything using Google Sheets!

Love the idea, but bummed because you don’t see the integration you need? No problem! Using the Google Sheets widget, you can monitor anything! If you can get the data into Google Sheets, you can monitor it using Analytics!

If your product doesn’t support exporting data to Google Sheets or you want an automated solution, let’s talk!¬†We can build automated data export tools for any web-based platform!

Our automation services might actually be magic!


Have questions?

We have answers! (And they might be below.)

Don't a lot of these tools have their own analytics? Why do I need this?

Absolutely they do! Facebook, for instance, has analytics for both your advertising campaigns and your page metrics. And Google Analytics is nothing but analytics! We break down this data for you and put it all in one place!¬† If you’ve ever tried to analyze your campaign data inside Facebook, for instance, you may think it was a bit… complicated. (Because it is!)¬† We make it easy to consume and automate the delivery to put the data in front of you on a regular basis. (Because let’s face it – we all have a lot to do!)

Nope. Sign up to get started. Cancel anytime.

If you’re an existing client, yes. We can just add this to your regular invoice.

Maybe. Not all reports are created equal. We’ve seen a lot of reports from our clients. And there’s so much data available that it can be easy to highlight the things that make the data look good.

Let’s consider a real-life scenario:

You run a Facebook ad campaign for $500. At the end of the campaign you get a report that shows your campaign received 50,000 impressions. That might seem like a success, right? That’s $.01 per impression!


  • How many unique impressions did you get? If you only had 1,000 unique impressions, that means that 1,000 people saw your ad 50 times.¬†
  • How many clicks did you get? Most of the time, you don’t want people to see your ad and move on. You want them to do something. Like click through to your website. If only 10 people clicked on your ad, it doesn’t seem so successful, does it?
  • Who was the actual audience (vs. the intended audience)? If you’re advertising a hip new bar and the majority of your clicks came from people in the 65+ category, maybe your ad wasn’t as effective as you hoped.


What if your campaign is a Google search campaign? You spend the same $500 to get in front of people searching for your type of business on Google. Your report shows you got 1,000 impressions and 100 clicks. Seems like an effective campaign! Unless you learn that 99% of the people who clicked on your ad actually searched for your business by name. In that case, all you did was pay to get in front of people who were already looking for your business by name!

Starting to get the picture?

Our reports are comprehensive, showing you all the data you need in order to make the best decisions based on actual data. 

So you may not be old enough to remember those Memorex ads. But it doesn’t matter. Our reports are both! You have access to a live version of¬† your report that you can check anytime you wish. And you will still get your regularly scheduled reports via email.¬†

That’s up to you. You choose the frequency as well as the recipients. You can schedule your automated reports for a day, a week, a month, or even a year!

Absolutely. You decide the frequency and the recipients.

Yes! When that data is available (which it is for platforms like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc.), we can include that data in your report. This helps you understand exactly how your investment is being allocated across your campaigns.

Not really. This is actually a common question! Every business has those real-time metrics they want to be available all the time. But, we do have a product built for exactly this scenario! You can use it to track real-time metrics on any type of data and create a display compatible dashboard that updates in real time. Track your KPIs, revenue, company vehicles, service people, open tickets… anything! If this sounds like what you need, let’s discuss it!